Berkay Opak
Software Developer - System Analyst


About Me

Hi, I'm Berkay. I was born in June 1995. I graduated from Computer Engineering department of Kocaeli University. I have worked in four locations in total, including the University, the Milestone Software, Mtm Security, Solvea Tech. I'm a quick learner who is eager to learn new things. I trust myself in software development. Simply put, I don't think there's a job I can't do. In addition, I always try to pay attention to the deadlines of the projects,

never experienced any delays because of me in projects during my working life and i hope also it won't be in the future. Of course, the most important point in this regard, the time management of the project is done well. Even if the developer does not experience any problems on the project, it may not complete if impossible times are required. For more detailed information, you can view my up-to-date CV by clicking on the button at the bottom.